level One The standard bed is better known as a level-one bed. They are higher in UV rays than the higher-level options and are economical. Many tanners will use these beds three to four times per week. These beds will have anywhere from 24 to 32 lamps. These beds are the most economical, but you might need to repeat visits more often to achieve the tan you are looking for or to maintain your tan.
Level Two This bed offers 35 to 54 lamps and promise to give a brown tan with less maintenance. These beds are typically visited by tanners two to three times per week.

These beds offer almost half the amount of UV rays as the Level 1 or standard beds.

Containing 60 lamps. This level tans you in about 10 minutes. Level 3 beds are popular because a tanner can develop a deep tan in four or five sessions. The lamps are 160W Reflector lamps and offer some of the lowest amount of UV rays.
Level Four The greatest benefit of this bed is that once you obtain your base tan, you only need two to three visits per month to maintain it. This bed blocks out 99.5 percent of UV rays. It is suggested to alternate use of this type of bed with the Level 3 bed for maximum effect and faster tanning.
It Works The "It Works" body wrap is a detoxing weap that works to target the areas YOU chosse in a 45-minute application. The body weap is approximately 21" long and 11" wide. at is't widest point. It comes pre-packaged and ready for use right out of the bag. There is no need for a messy application process. Simply pick the area you want to get results in and place the applicator smoothly on your body and use saran wrap or an ace bandage to keep it in place for 45 minutes.

You can achiece better results by drinling lots of water during your wrap day and for 3 days after, since the product continues to work for 72 hours after you remove it. So take an hour for yourself, relax and lose.